What if women were paid for daily chores?

By FinFlicker

$10.8 trillion The value of unpaid labor by women around the world is estimated to be a huge amount.

If you ask most people about unpaid labor, their response is probably "my wife doesn't work". or "It's just a chore."

While women in India spend 297 minutes a day on household chores, men spend only 31 minutes.

In fact ask the women what kind of housework they do. And then, calculate the labor cost of those tasks if they had to hire someone else to do it.

There is debate over who should pay to compensate women for unpaid labour, with some suggesting that the government should bear the cost.

Transfers such as cooking gas cylinders and child care centers can be alternative ways of compensating women for unpaid labor.

Tamil Nadu, Kerala and West Bengal have also included "payment to homemakers" in their election manifestos. We do not know whether this will ever come to fruition or not. But it's a start.

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